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Our goal is to bring roadside assistance services, from towing to car unlocking, closer to you than ever before by modernizing the traditional “helpful neighbor model” by offering immediate on-demand services through an easy to use application. You’re getting help at the click of a button, with fair and transparent pricing upfront, in industry-leading wait-time.

CE Marketplace Inc. is an emerging marketplace, launching in early 2022, that creates an elevated social shopping experience to engage with Black-owned brands. The marketplace will connect shoppers with high-quality Black brands in a social setting, and will bring resources and services to Black brands in its portfolio to help these brands scale and grow. CE Marketplace Inc. is built in partnership with Salesforce using its Commerce Cloud technology, and Deloitte Digital, along with numerous Black-led partnerships.

Polywork sums to a Twitter-style social feed where professionals can post updates about what they’re up to (in work and, if they like, in life too). Users skills and interests (e.g. “UX design”, “founder”, “dinosaur enthusiast”); personality quirks (“introvert”); and achievements (“life partner”) — or indeed the opposite (“bad golfer”, “failure”) — can be displayed as custom badges at the top of their profile — again with the chance to blend personal and professional to offer a fuller portrait of who you are and what you offer.

SLiC “Sports, Lifestyle in Culture,” is an award-winning and vertically integrated ecosystem that empowers insiders to bring their content ideas to life, give fans access to genuine real life stories, and provide brands with an authentic way to engage with their communitiesthrough cultural ties.

Uncle Nearest Venture Fund was created to invest in minority (BIPOC and women) founded, owned and led brands with the greatest potential to grow into long-standing legacy brands. It was founded by Uncle Nearest founder and CEO Fawn Weaver, and is guided by a diverse board of directors, which includes: Keith Weaver, Executive Vice President of Global Public Policy and External Affairs for Sony Pictures Entertainment, Lee Moulton, Head of Partnerships for Google, Carolyn Feinstein, former CMO for Dropbox, Mark McCallum, former Chief Brands Officer for Brown-Forman, Kevin Asato, Portfolio Management for Republic National Distribution Company, and Minott Wessinger, founder of McKenzie River Corporation. For more information, please visit the Uncle Nearest Venture Fund website.

The UNest College Savings App allows parents to easily invest in their child’s college education. UNest does this by investing savings into a UTMA account. UNest picks the various investments for the plan based on the parent’s savings settings. By depositing a certain amount each month, parents can monitor their child’s portfolio’s performance through the app.

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